Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for ...Oh my!

   I know, it should really be something like Cheeri-Oh's or something witty like that.  But again, all I can think is "You really like me".  Not that I was feeling "unliked" before, as I have never been the sort to think, "Nobody likes me" but I guess as a Mom and childcare provider, if you sit "under the radar" with other Moms and parents at the school or the playground, that always feels like a bit of a good thing.  Recognition is not right there, like it can be in the work force, so it is a very special treat to find it here.
I received this award from Amy at  Recipes that Please with Ease
Thank you Amy!  Now the great part about receiving this award is that it is a "Pay it forward" kind of award and it has some rules that go along with it.
The rules are as follows:

1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award. (Thanks, Amy!)
2. Share 7 Things About Yourself.
3. Award 10-15 Blogs Who You Think Deserve This Award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

7 Things About Me:
1.  I love siamese cats.
2.  I am constantly fighting the urge to procrastinate.
3.  As a child, I always wanted to live on an island...and now, I do.
4. The Lonestar song, "Let them be little" makes me cry.  (and keeps me from kicking my 7 year old back to her own bed when she snuggles in.)
5.  I stamp and scrapbook, but not nearly enough!
6.  One place in the world I would love to visit is Cornwall, in England.
7. I have a weakness for rugby players with accents, but I married a swimmer who only speaks English.

Bloggers to Award:
1. Jim's Girl Family History Blog...I would love to find the time to do the sort of family research that Kate is doing.
2. =]V[= 
3. Coffee, Teapots and Books, Oh my!
4.  peas and crayons
5. sixty five what now 
6. les reves d'une boulangiere
7.  The Caffeine Coquette
8. Jersey Shore Mom 
9. Live High Live Mighty Live Rightiously
10.  Flash Fiction

To pick up your award, right click and save to your computer.
Thanks for the inspiring reads!

More packing tomorrow!


  1. Firstly, well done on your award! You totally deserve it.

    Thanks for passing it on to me! You are right, recognition is a special treat in itself.

  2. Hi Kim! Sorry to be getting back to you so late. Thank you so much for the award, it's a great honour to be recognized. And congrats on it being awarded to you! It takes me forever to do posts with links, but I intend to catch up over the Easter break and get a post up on my blog for you. Thanks again! x Lisa


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