Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for ...Nice Surprise!

When I opened my computer this morning, I discovered that someone (Deirdra from A Storybook World)
had given me an award!  I am so touched!  I will be honest, Iwas thrilled with the recognition.  It is a neat feeling to be noticed "out here" where folks only know me from here.  When I see folks in the parking lot at school who have read my blog, some of them will comment, "Oh I like your blog." Or (this is my favourite), "I enjoy reading your blog, looking forward to the next post!".
    No one has read anything that I have written since I was in University, so to know that folks are reading it and liking what they read!  That is a huge compliment!  And so today to discover this surprise was very flattering!
    Thank you to Deirdra for this and for the work she does recognizing bloggers for their work.  (and I love that she shares her lovely art work with us!).
Happy Packing!


  1. I have another surprise for you. I have chosen you for an award. You can pick your award up here :)

  2. Congrats Kim ~~ I'm just stopping by from A~Z ... Enjoy the rest of the challenge !!


  3. congratulations on your award! celebrate every milestone :)

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments.


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