Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for ...Jicama...

  My apologies for yesterday's post!  However, today, I am feeling slightly more (but still not fully) on track, and on time.  Until I remembered a few other things that I am still behind in.  So, I thought that I would make an effort to keep this one corner on track and on time, and then move through the list from there.
   Something that finds its regular place both on our supper table and in the fridge (for those young lunch packers in our house!) is a veggie tray.  In the winter time, it usually consists of carrots and celery and broccoli.  Round about now, it begins to see some additions to it...the local hot house cucumbers are out at the grocery stores as well as the cherry tomatoes from the same source (albeit not cheap, but they do make a nice treat).  Something I like to add occasionally is Jicama.  For those not familiar with one, they hail from Mexico or South America (at least the ones in our grocery stores do) and resemble the potato, only bigger and rounder.  They are slightly juicy and have an almost (hard) apple texture and flavour to them.  I like to peel them and cut them up into sticks, much like a carrot stick and add them to the veggie tray.  This, by the way, is a great way to introduce your children to something new.  By simply adding some, you are not putting them in the position of HAVING to eat some, but rather giving them the power to choose something new. 
   Another great way to serve them is in a "slaw".  I have an old coleslaw recipe that is my standby: Apple, Jicama and Bok Choy slaw.  A very simple recipe (and even more so if you go with your favourite coleslaw dressing from the grocery store).  Peel the jicama and cut into very thin sticks, place into large salad bowl.  Coarsely chop bok choy and add to salad bowl.  Choose either granny smith or royal gala apple (one large or two small).  Do not peel, but core and slice into thin even slices.  Add apple to salad bowl.  Top with 1/4 cup of your favourite coleslaw dressing (or serve this on the side if you have some slightly fussy eaters, but the slaw will be a bit dry) and toss.  Let sit for 15-20 minutes at room temperature before serving.  Store leftovers in refrigerator for up to 2 days.
The slaw is a great addition to chicken or ham in a wrap.

Happy Packing!

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Some more info about the Jicama from Sally's Place :
"...Also called the yam bean root, jicama ranges in weight from a few ounces to 6 pounds. Its crispy white flesh is hidden under a fibrous dust-brown skin, which must be completely stripped off. Like potatoes, jicamas can be steamed, baked, boiled, mashed or fried. Unlike potatoes, however, they can also be eaten raw. Sliced into wide sticks, jicama makes a crunchy carrier for guacamole and highly seasoned dips. Cut up into squares, it enhances fresh fruit salad, absorbing and reflecting surrounding flavors. It is equally versatile as a cooked vegetable -- sauteed with carrots or green beans, stir-fried with chicken or shrimp, or simmered in savory stews. Low in starch and calories, jicama is satisfying , flavorful and nowhere near as strange as it looks..."

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  1. I've been known to make a watermelon/jicama salsa. Use in proportions you like, with a jalapeno or two (which adds a mild heat that actually complements the sweeter flavours of the melon and jicama). Finely dice everything.


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