Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for...Dinner!

While I could figure out lots of thing that began with the letter D, I was at a loss for what to post.  So, yesterday, I posted that on my FB account.  Folks had lots of good suggestions, but again no inspiration.  Then, last night, as we were rounding up the "leftovers" for supper, Rob commented, "It sure is a good thing that you make such good Sunday dinners, 'cause there are enough leftovers for more yummy suppers." 
Ah Ha!  A big dinner once a week, is usually the key to a smooth running week of meals in our house.  It usually (but not always) involves a roast, lots of rice or potatoes (or sometimes both),  a cooked vegetable and a salad.  What grows from here: meat for sandwiches, salads to add to wraps, or just a microwaveable plate of leftovers for Rob to take.  It also gives me leftover meat (I have been known to cook two of something, like 2 chickens) for another supper, rice for fried rice.  However, just like everything else, the menu is only as good as the Plan.  If the plan isn't well made (and that usually means that someone else could follow it!), it all falls apart and we end up eating take-out, which just blows the budget.  Plan, however, begins with P.
A big dinner doesn't have to involve a lot of cooking though.  It could be a big pasta dish, a couple of salads and some biscuits or bread.  Again, the idea is that there be enough for another meal.  You may have to inform your family that that is the PLAN, or put half away before they even get to the table.  Otherwise (and I have learned this the hard way) you have just cooked a whole lot, and only ended up with one meal.

Happy Packing!

And a new link for a new letter: Digging with worms


  1. Hello from another A to Z participant! Cook once and eat twice - if only I could get organized to do that. Heck, I even bought a cookbook to help me. I'm not sure where it is....

  2. Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!


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