Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Food for thought

Another week, another week of meals, so here comes a menu!  Complete with three meals at less than $10.00 (for 4-6).
  • Sunday: Definitely NOT our meal for under $10.00, but a real treat instead!  (that is why we need to have those under $10.00 ones later on).  Bouillabaisse from Cooking with Cory.  (got to be one of my favourite go-to cookbooks for making something special)...Lots of fresh seafood in a rich steaming broth, plus homemade bread and a delicious winter salad: Spinach salad with beets and feta and pecans (and a maple mustard vinaigrette).
  • Monday: Slow cooker Pot Roast with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies (broccoli and carrots)
  • Tuesday: We are going out to dinner with our teenagers who are leaving us soon (one this week, one next), so it is "Unbirthday Dinner" and a trip to the chinese restaurant (but little do they know that it is not the buffet but rather something special instead).
  • Wednesday: good old fashioned Pea soup (which always makes my daughter sad, because she loves it but cannot bring any for her school lunch), for another hit at less than $10.00 for 6 people.
  • Thursday: Potato soup with kale.  A good $10.00 meal that everyone likes.
  • Friday: With all that cooking, I suspect there will be at least a few leftovers for Friday supper...   However, I noticed at school last week, that this Friday is movie night, which means there is pizza from the concession.  Our school's movie nights start at 5:30, so that means supper comes from the concession.  Have to find out if the troops actually want to go to movie night first tho'!
  • Saturday: chicken pot pie.  This recipe makes a very large portion and therefore serves 10, and costs $12.00.   
Lunches for packing...
  • Monday: Left over spinach salad and bread for the Man of the house; the kids will be taking Spanikopita, and veggies with Raita for dipping.
  • Tuesday: the plan is for there to be enough leftover pot roast for all the lunches.
  • Wednesday: Ham and cheese sandwiches, with veggies and dip
  • Thursday: tuna and cream cheese roll ups, ginger cookies and fruit salad
  • Friday: Peanut butter and banana roll ups, or peanut butter and apple roll ups (which ever one we have left by Friday).
Lunches for little people...
  • Monday: "Hamburger" soup
  • Tuesday: crustless spinach quiche with toast
  • Wednesday: Ham and cheese sandwiches and vegetable soup
  • Thursday: whole wheat pasta and meat sauce
  • Friday: cheese pizza

Happy Packing!



  1. I love slow cooker pot roast, what a great meal during the cold winter months and even better left over, served over noodles :-)

  2. yum, I love pot roast with noodles!


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