Monday, January 23, 2012

Move it on Monday : Project 52 Update

Wow, volunteer work sure does get in the way of things!  But who am I kidding?  I do it because I love it!
However, it doesn't fit on the list anywhere. (why didn't I put it on there?  Because I never have a hard time doing it or saying yes, when sometimes I should be saying no!)..
#16. I did find a non fiction book to read this week and I even started reading it.
#17. And I had breakfast with Tine this month!  That is 1/12 in Month number one.
The non fiction book is called "Stepping Up" by John Izzo.  Heard him interviewed by Sheila McKay on CBC Radio 1 on Saturday morning, and I made Tine wait in the parking lot until I had heard the name of the book, because I wanted to read it.

Short and sweet, but I must cook!  More later!

Happy Packing!



  1. Sounds like you're moving right along. Let me know what you think of that book, because if it's any good I'm going to want to add it to my never-ending stack!

  2. Hi,
    Welcome on board the A to Z Challenge! We shall have loads of fun exchanging comments and visits!

    A to Z Challenge April 2012


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