Monday, January 9, 2012

Move it on Monday: Project 52 Update week in and where are we at?

2. The De-clutter calendar: I successfully screwed up the wireless printer when I tried to print this calendar...I am thinking that this isn't going to happen.  We still can't get the computers to talk to the printer and we have been trying for a week.

 3. Double the number of blog entries this year over last year... Only one week in and my page views for January are already ahead of January 2011 for the whole month.  Plus the new blog routine means more blog posts.
13. A new blog routine?  Done and posted on January 7th...yay, me!  Now, let's do it.
14. Two weeks in a row, the menus are posted, and in a reasonably timely fashion
29. New calendar was up before the kids went back to school (and everything else) on Tuesday, so I am one for twelve so far...
45. The new calendar and the new daytimer are here and hard at work.

I have also made a point of going around and visiting some of the other blogs participating in Project 52, and added myself as a follower...I am hoping others will follow suit.  My #53 on the list of Project 52 is to increase my followers to 100 this year...

Wow, let's see how we do this week.  Our skating club is hosting a skating competition the end of the month and somehow I am on the Local organizing committee.  this means the next two and a half weeks will be soooo busy!  (good thing the menu and the calendar are posted!).  Plus, our international daughters will be heading for their home countries in just a few weeks as well. Hopefully, the success of this week will give me the energy to plug away at some more of the list...
I am really looking forward to February...nothing but birthdays and Valentines to make...  Hahaha!  Who am I kidding, really?

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  1. You are definitely off to a great start! I hope you can fix that communication problem between your computer and your printer. I hate that.


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