Monday, January 24, 2011

Under pressure!

Okay, so it is Sunday afternoon, and I am heading home from Victoria after being away since Thursday, and I have no idea what might be in the fridge.  All I know is that I just want to get home and not have to go out again.  Three days of volunteering at Skate Canada Nationals was fantastic!  But I am exhausted, and there is a week of lunches and dinners (and crazy activity schedules!) ahead of us...I can't help wondering if my dear hubby has made a trip to Costco while I was away...
As I said, I have no idea what might be left in the fridge and when I called home, no one picked up, so I am on my own as far as groceries go, and what to buy.  So, I take a chance that there is milk at home and stop in at one of the big farmer's markets just outside of Duncan.  We are very fortunate here on the Island, or certainly the central island, to have such great farmer's markets.  Typically, my husband stops at Russell's, which is on his way home from work.  Today, I choose to stop at the other big one, which is just south of Duncan and called The red rooster (or the Red barn, at this point I cannot remember...if someone can help me with the correct name, please do!).  I head in WITHOUT a list!  Typically, not a good idea, however, today I am in a time crunch too, so I am using a mental list that goes something like: "Bananas, apples, salad, stir fry, and lunches."  I come away with bread, cheese, two heads of lettuce, a bunch of celery (the only surplus purchase, it turns out), two bags of apples (these days, who can resist 0.39c/lb for apples!), bananas, green onion, mushrooms (including portabellos as a treat because they were local), broccoli, a 5 lb bag of onions and a 15 lb bag of potatoes, bacon, two packs of lunch meat and a loaf of garlic bread (to go with dinner tonight, because it will make people more happy to see me!).  The plus to this kind of shopping, is that there are none of those center aisle items (like oreos and pudding cups) and we will just have to make it through the week without them...A tip?  Make a big batch of pudding (either homemade or the package kind) and spoon the fresh pudding into smaller containers with lids and, voila, your own pudding cups!  These also make great homemade frozen treats although they don't go quite so well into the lunchbox!)...a label note: if you make the cooked pudding version of the packaged pudding, you get less saturated fat per serving, and it is almost as convenient.
And, what did I learn after almost a week of mixing with high level athletes?  Bananas!  Wow, there were a lot of those...As a parent, of course I know that bananas are good for you...but how good...
To answer that question, I did a little searching and what I found came from (this info also matched what I had in my nutrition chart available from Health Canada).
A banana is a large berry (didn't know that!).
1 medium banana contains 100 calories, a large one, 125.  Bananas are low in calories, fat and sodium and packed full of nutrients... (making them a good choice for athletes)
452 mg of potassium, 33 mg of magnesium and 1/3 RDA of vitamin B6.  They contain 2g of fibre.
And, they taste good!  Another tip, the more ripe the banana, the higher the sugar content.  And there are lots and lots of great baking recipes that use bananas.
Happy Packing!

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