Friday, January 14, 2011

There is something to be said for the homemade lunch

My son's class has just one an all expense paid trip to a "local" ski hill, in a contest (that involved writing essays and drawing pictures) sponsored by the Canadian Ski Council.  10 classes in the country wide contest were chosen.  The prize includes tansportation to/from the hill, ski rentals and lessons and lift tickets and a box lunch for 45 people.  They are thrilled, to say the least!  So, when the forms came home this week, we diligently filled them out, called Grandma and Grandpa (who are both avid skiers) to see if they would like to go along in place of Mom and Dad who both have to work that day (the joy of being in the education business...the general population doesn't take kindly to one booking a day off to enjoy a field trip with one's children).  And one of the forms includes your choices for your box lunch...Duncan looked them over (they were very basic: turkey, ham and cheese or vegetarian)..."Mum, can we just leave it blank and I can bring my own lunch?  I usually like your sandwiches better."  I explained that we could choose something from the list, and then he could bring some snacks from home in case he didn't like the sandwich.  "But Mum, I know I will like what you pack me.  And if I don't like their sandwich, it'll have to go in the garbage and that is a waste"...We worked out a compromise, that he could share his "box lunch" with one of his friends (not everyone comes with extras, and we know this) and he could bring his from home.  So, he set about choosing the sandwich he thought one of his friends would like most, and then announced that he would like a "ham and cheese roll-up from  home" and that he thought that I should also pack an extra one for the friend whom he had chosen the sandwich for..."And maybe one for Grandpa too, he always likes my lunches"...Maybe I should have offered to the Canadian Ski Council to provide the box lunches!
Happy Friday!

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