Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another trip to the grocery store?

Boy, do we go through a lot of milk in this house!  And why is it that a trip to the grocery store for what should amount to $9 worth of milk, ends up costing me $30?  Nevermind, I managed to pick up three bags of goldfish crackers (for $2.00 a bag)!  What?  I know, they are full of salt, and really worthless as far as nutrition goes (altho I do buy the whole grain ones)...But, if you pop a bowl full of air popped popcorn (and then add a big dollop of butter and a whole whack of salt, you have completely undone the healthy aspects of popcorn as a snack!), and toss in a half a bag of goldfish crackers, you have taken a good chunk of the sodium down to a manageable level, and (in our house at least) there is less demand for the added salt and butter.  And it is fun to search for the goldfish swimming in the big bowl of popcorn.  It also packs nicely into a lunch box as a nice little treat that the teachers don't frown at (okay, well, don't send the whole bowl, unless of course it is for some sort of class celebration!).
I also grabbed some of those ready made smoothies from the yogurt section, but those are for weekend lunches!  Yes, those days when its not a school day, but you still need to pack somebody a good healthy bag of food to take to some gynnastics competition or extra long basketball practice or skating competition...Uh huh, all of which we have coming up this month...I know that the kids will want to purchase food as well, and that is fine, but a big day of competing means that they need to be eating healthy foods (and then pigging out at Micky Dees on the way home from the tournament!  Go figure!)...I plan for the food from home before the action and then it is always good to have a sandwich or wrap from home ready to grab first thing afterwards (remember how good things taste when we are starving!)...This way at least, you can get in there before they hit the concession line or the drive thru on the way home.  With our little kids, we give them $5.00 to spend when we are at a competition, and always tell them that they can keep the change...Amazing how good that lunch from home is when you want to keep as much change as possible!  Kate usually ends up with a box of smarties and then eats the lunch I have packed her...(by the way, smarties tossed into a bowl of hot popcorn, mmmmm!  Just remember the napkins, and maybe don't send that bowl to school).
...So, what is going into the lunches tomorrow?  Chocolate chip cocoa banana bread, mandarins, carrots and celelry with hummus for dipping, and then some turkey chili in the thermoses  (okay, well, Duncan has half turkey chili and half meatballs, child still doesn't do beans...The deal is he gets the meatballs if he promises to also eat the beans)...
Welcome, first hump day of 2011...I am so ready for the weekend~

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