Wednesday, January 5, 2011

grains...Fads are funny.

The new Costco magazine came in the mail today...There is an article in it about Healthy new foods to find at Costco...Quinoa, Acai Berries...and among others, Spelt...Been using Spelt flour and the grains in our house for about 8 years now...And what is funny is that article makes me want to run out to Costco and see for myself...Not because we need any (Goodness knows we sure don't, there are three big bags of spelt flour in the freezer downstairs!), just because I am curious to see what "Mainstream" Spelt looks like. Mine is in a plain brown paper bag, labelled : Whole Grain Spelt Flour, 10kg.
For anyone who has never tried Spelt flour, may I recommend using it in your muffin recipe first?  I use a basic muffin recipe from the Joy of Cooking (the one that uses sour cream, or buttermilk, or, in our house, plain yogurt), and I sub it in straight on (cup for cup).  It makes amazing blueberry muffins.  Albeit, they don't keep as well as the ones made with regular all purpose flour, but was anybody really making them to "keep"?  Around here, they are usually gone in a day.  From there, you can use it in cookies easily...I have used it in banana bread and in regular bread.  The grains are an excellent addition to almost any soup recipe or stew, and they make a good salad grain too.  I once had a delicious Spelt Brownie at a bakery on Salt Spring Island...Got home and tried to replicate the recipe...Well, apparently, Salt Spring Island is a bit like Vegas, what happens on Salt Spring, stays on Salt Spring (and for those of you reading this who know anything about Salt Spring Island, you are nodding your head, I am sure, for this applies to much more than just brownies)....All the chocolate in Nanaimo couldn't help me make those brownies.
So for the third day in a row, my son would like a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch...Tonight, I hosted a "make-your-own-lunch" workshop at the Island in our kitchen (not really much like Salt Spring)...We came away with "bits and pieces" for Kate (a little bit of this and a little bit of that: a few veggies, some stoned wheat thin crackers, a chicken tender and some yogurt dip), Duncan got his Ham and Cheese, and we made Daddy a ham sandwich with some leftover lentil soup (love, Kate)...And everyone thinks that I should have made chocolate chip cookies, but I am going to bed instead!
Happy Packing!


  1. it is from Bob's Red Mill, 2.5kg bag in a crinkly plastic bag - 100% stone ground whole grain - 1/2 way between fine and stone ground that we are used to. Works well and price is great. i also used the Quinoa from there and again - great product.

  2. Love the Costco Quinoa. Great product. Great price. Highly recommend.

  3. Thanks Ladies! For saving me the trip to Costco! We will be looking to pick up some of the Quinoa, but I think we are good for flour for a while...


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