Friday, January 7, 2011

ah...the weekend!

Yay!  Two whole days of no lunches to pack!  Er, wait a sec...I think I said that too fast...We are off to a basketball tournament tomorrow, so...Yes, there are sandwiches or something to be made in the morning.  We will have tuna salad and cream cheese, on some funny little buns that I found at the grocery store tonight when I went for those wonderful rotisserie chickens!  Of course with six of us, we need two chickens, and salad and bread (or is that my 70's upbringing showing through, impressed upon me by my Paternal Grandmother who raised three children in the 40's and 50's, when bread was its own food group...).  That is where those funny little buns came from, my need for there to be bread with this spread of food for supper.  No one ate any bread, so they are left for lunches tomorrow.  (or croutons for salad next week, as they likely will be stale by Sunday afternoon!...Mmmm, homemade croutons are better, in my book, than chips!  All soaked in garlic and olive oil and then baked in the oven...Not too many will make it to the salad, I'm afraid!)
However, the weekend still remains the domain of the "make your own lunch" for some, or the "grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup"...Altho, I have a feeling the half of my family that is not going to the basketball tournament, but rather staying home and going to the standing Saturday "Soccer Date", will also be dining on hot dogs at Costco for lunch (ew!  Sorry, but for me,  hot dogs, no, not really, altho I do enjoy some french fries...And a good Quebec poutine!  Mmmmm, now there is a healthy skating competition lunch for you!  Oh the memories!), while they do the monthly run of goods at Costco (including a bag of Quinoa, since we have both soup and quinoa salad on our menu for this coming week). 
And I will be enjoying my "time off" as I take in some senior girls high school basketball in Courtney, since Sunday will be a day of cooking to prepare for the nutsy month that is ahead for us this January...And help to avoid too many Costco hot dog dinners while I am away in Victoria!  (altho I think that Grandma will also be helping to avoid those as well!)
Happy Weekend everyone!

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