Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Food for thought

Mmmmmm.  I love Sundays when there aren't a hundred and one things to get done.  Today, I just hung out in the kitchen (listening to hubbie's music choices, most of which were quite acceptable, as he sat at his laptop, marking grade 10 English essays) and got us ahead of the game for what feels like the first time this fall!  Daycare days are longer this year, and the evenings are even busier, which makes the dinner hour seem all the more crazy!  I find if I can at least get two meals done on a Sunday, we make it through the week with a whole lot less stress.
   I took a few minutes this morning to write up our menu for the week (so helpful on a week when Rob has to cook at least twice!).  I thought I would share it with you, just in case you're in need of some inspiration to get you through the week...

  • Sunday: Vegetable Soup and Spinach Salad
  • Monday: Cheese tortellini and Marinara sauce (and salad)
  • Tuesday: Turkey Tacos
  • Wednesday: Beef Stew (one of the things I made today)
  • Thursday: Udon Noodle Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce (bok choy, carrots and chicken)
  • Friday: Free for all (in other words, Mum is done, fend for yourselves!)
  • Saturday: Spaghetti and Meatballs (and salad!) (with the recipe at Clean Eating Magazine, you'll also find the recipe for Meatball subs, which are awesome as well and a great quick meal if you have already made the meatballs)
Today started with some wonderful inspiration at Simply Life , where her Half Half Marathon entry included a wonderful recipe for Whole Wheat Challah bread.
The Challah dough was a little bit moister than what I am used to working with, but it came out wonderfully.  (and is now, of course, all gone).
   Vegetable soup and spinach salad made the rest of tonight's meal...with the classic Sunday treat my kids have come to expect...Dessert!  I suppose it isn't so bad that they only expect dessert once a week.           
   Dessert inspiration came on Friday by way of my best friend's face book page, when she shared a recipe from Brooke over at  The Flour Sack : Applesauce cake with Caramel Glaze that was absolutely wonderful.  All spicy and warm, the kind of cake that makes you feel like you're visiting with Grandma (yours or someone else's).  I may have been a little more generous with the spices than the recipe called for, but everyone loved it.  Including me!  Often at the end of the day, when I have been cooking and tasting and smelling things all day, by the time we get to dessert, I am not really interested.  That was not the case with this cake.  It will definitely get a repeat performance in our kitchen!
And, I also had a chance to get out a few Christmas things...Couldn't resist, this cake just needed something special!

The kids and I also took a few minutes to brainstorm the lunch menu for the week:
Grown ups: leftovers from dinner
Kids: sandwiches...Turkey, chicken, egg salad,and peanut and banana roll ups with honey (and napkins)
         snacks: peanut butter cookies, banana bread, fruit salad (wonder who is supposed to make that??)

Happy Packing!



  1. I agree that apple sauce cake was amazing - I too was a little more generous with the spices. It was a huge hit at our house and definitely a keeper. The caramel glaze was such a nice touch but cake would be just fine without it too.

  2. once again, thanks for posting this- looks like your loaf came out great!


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