Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back-to-school shopping already?

Wow!  Are we at that time already?  But yes, I guess we are. Starting to get things organized for that (lovely) end of summer routine of returning the kids to their classrooms.  I like to do the organizing in fits and starts.  Typically, I start when the school year finishes.  I sort through the school supplies that have come home and throw away the garbage (broken pencil sharpeners, eraser bits, pens that don't work).  If the pencil case or box is in good shape, I stow any pencils, scissors, rulers and such, in the case and put it in the backpack.
Our school is kind enough to send the supply list home on the last day of school, along with a copy of the school calendar for the new year.  I put those away in the back packs as well, and then put the backpacks away (we try really hard NOT to use those during the summer if we don't have to).  If your children need their school backpacks during the summer, then you could use a re-usable shopping bag to stow everything out of the way, but together.

If we need to replace big things (like backpacks or lunch bags), I often shop online in the month of June for these items.  This year, I was able to replace the kids' LL Bean Fliptop lunch bags for 35% off (and free shipping), by ordering them in June.  Those are the best lunch bags we have ever had!  They are machine washable, reasonably priced, and we got two years of lunches out of them.  (That is 10 months of back and forth to school every day for two years).  And my son's will continue to get a workout this year, as Dad takes over the ownership of it for another 10 months of lunches  LL Bean has a great assortment of lunch bags for all ages, and personally, I like that they aren't covered in licenced cartoon characters.  Rather they have lively (timeless) patterns or a great selection of plain colours for those who like to keep their lunches more low-key.
The Girl's new bag

The Boy's new bag

Dad's "New" bag

Check out more great litter less lunch products on their website
And enjoy free shipping!

Happy Packing!  (soon!)


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