Monday, February 21, 2011

Gone looking for inspiration...

   This past Christmas, I received two gift cards for Chapters/Indigo booksellers.  I was delighted.  My first thought was that I could go out and buy myself a new novel or two...I couldn't wait.  Something to read that was just for me.  Not a parenting book or a children's book, not even a cookbook.  I perused the Globe and Mail best sellers list...maybe I would get the new non fiction...I really wanted to read Stevie Cameron's book...Or perhaps the new Giller Prize book...
   I made a list (surprise!) and off I went, BY MYSELF~  First to the Coffee counter for an extra-hot non-fat half-sweet Chai Latte (I can be as high maintenance as the next customer if I don't have a van full of kids with me), a nice change from my typical long pour Americano with cream.
   The Stevie Cameron book was easy to find, so I picked it up and carried it around with me while I browsed.  I love the feeling of new books in my hands, just waiting to be opened and read, an e-book reader, I am not.  I looked at calendars and flipped through the best sellers, including the Giller Prize winner, but I put that one back, no longer sure that I wanted it.  Then I came upon the middle table filled with cookbooks.  Hardcover ones, with the Boxing Week sign about 30% off.  And there was Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", right on the top.  I had wanted that book for such a long time (yes, even before seeing the movie "Julie and Julia", but that had only made me want it more)...30% percent off, and a gift card...You do the math!
   Within a few moments, I had made my way to the cookbook section in search of Gordon Ramsay books.  There was one I had been wanting to look at.  I spied it, in another woman's hands.  I scanned the shelf and realised that she was holding the only one.  Before I could say anything, she walked away with it, saying something to her daughter (or at least the young girl who was with her) about 30% off, and heading towards the cash line.  Oh well.  I still had Julia Child and Stevie Cameron, Gordon Ramsay could wait for another day.  Maybe I was done looking at books.  I was certainly done with the Chai.  So, I too headed for the line up, and then home to make Quiche.  Mmmmm...

   A few weeks ago, I discovered that "Better Food for Kids" had been released in second edition, and was now for kids ages 2 to 10 (the previous edition is ages 2 to 6).  I went online and found it.  And I still had a gift card left.  So, I browsed (albeit without a tasty chai in hand), and found two more books I wanted.  Unfortunately, for my comfy chair, neither of them were novels.  Nope.  They were (you guessed it) cookbooks.  The Zuni Cafe (a San Fran eatery gone cookbook) and (wait for it!)...Dieticians of Canada, "Cooks!" pub. 2011  (what was it that they were doing in the first five books?)...What?  Were you expecting Gordon Ramsay?  Yeah, well, I would bet that his wife would use the D of C cookbooks.
And I have to tell you, the new D of C "Cooks!" is awesome!!!  And they don't use nearly as much butter as dear Julia.  In ten minutes of browsing through the book, I found four recipes that I could have made right then and there without a trip to the grocery store.  And a few more where I was only missing one or two ingredients.  I made "Greek Chicken" out of it on Saturday night, with some steamed potatoes  on the side and their recipe for Tzatziki.  All gone at one sitting.  Even my fussy 9 year old ate everything (and I don't think that had anything to do with the promise of dessert).
There are great soup and lunch recipes inside it, plus desserts and breakfast recipes as well as dinners and sides.  Healthy eating tips, local eating tips, storing tips for fruits and veggies.  All kinds of great stuff.  And all for under $20.00.  If you are looking for some easy inpiration in the kitchen, this book gets my recommendation!  Five stars!

Happy Packing!


  1. I am lucky that I have a greatest friend who loves cookbooks. This friend has a special day coming up that someone bought her a certain book for - now I am the lucky one as I get to add it my collection instead as this friend already added it to hers. Lucky me! LOL!

    I tried posting this morning and it looked like it had but the comment is gone.

  2. What a beautiful selection of cookbooks!!! Wonderful! My bookshelves are covered with everything but a cookbook (never been much of a cook - more of a baker).

    Your blog is super fun! I look forward to more posts! Stop by for a visit if you'd like at my blog! I found you over at Karen Gowen's place!

  3. Thanks, Jen! And that is only half of them (and my dear hubby made me find homes for a few as well...altho you should see his collection of books! He is a high school english teacher).
    Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll come again!

  4. I collect lots of cookbooks, and then I find them at my children's houses! I guess they trust their mother's taste.

  5. Ah, my mother has the same problem...Altho I think I have returned all of hers!


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